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Intro To Social Services - 2002
This course was designed to teach an overview of social services and an introduction to local services to youth and adults enrolled in an adult education course titled Introduction To Social Services.The course involves students in first hand experiential learning about social services. The results of their learning are incorporated into a Social Services Directory which is given to students at the last class and is also maintained online. The outlines and activities listed here are flexible and are meant to be modified given the needs and skill levels of any particular class. References to local agencies and services can also be substituted for those given here.

The information presented in these pages is taken from my notes and is not always edited and proof read to the traditional level of publication.

Permission is freely granted to use and modify any of these materials. If you use any or all of this curriculum, I would like to hear your experiences, both positive and negative. Please email counseling

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  • Session 14 - Class Choice
    • This class can be used for catch up and/or for a topic of the students' choice
    • Some Possible Topics
      • Parenting
      • More in depth work on specific populations (children, youth, elderly, health care, mental health)
      • Field Trip
  • Session 15 - Celebration and Evaluation
    • This is planned by the students and usually includes food and some type of closure activity